On The Map

On The Map
Written and Directed by: Dani Menkin

“On The Map” tells the story of ’77 team, the one that brought the first European Cup to Israel and became “The Team of the Nation”

Still demoralized after the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Israel was hungry for a collective uplifting event. “On The Map”, a fast-moving, emotional and awe-inspiring documentary, recounts the story of how one Tel Aviv team no one thought could win toppled the four-time defending European Champions and put Israel firmly on the map.

Featuring interviews with the Jewish American athletes who made history, “On the Map” combines the pulse pounding action of a high-stakes game with an incendiary political situation at the height of the Cold War to deliver a film that honors Israeli heroes, mesmerizes fans of the game and captures the spirit of a nation triumphant and victorious against all odds.

Press Reviews:

Fascinating  LA Times
This compelling sports tale seems bound for a Hollywood dramatization –THE Hollywood Reporter
Wonderfully and Little-known story – Film Journal
A feel-good Cinderella storyLA Weekly
Sports Movie At Its BestThe Wall Street Journal

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