39 Pounds Of Love

Written and Directed by: Dani Menkin

Year: 2005

Storyline: This is the story of Ami, a man who while unable to move any part of his body, still manages to move each and every one of us, as he teaches us a part of life's intimate dance.

Awards & Festivals:

  • - Won Best Documentary at Tahoe/Reno
  • - Won Best Documentary Palm Beach Film Festivals
  • - Won the Audience Award at both the Tallgrass
  • - Won the Audience Award at Boston Jewish Film Festival
  • - Placed on the Oscar short list for the Best Documentary Feature category 2005

Speaking Session: The director will speak about his first life changing encounter with Ami, and his personal calling to share Ami’s inspiring story with the world. He will also speak about the physical and metaphorical journey he embarked on with Ami, show deleted scenes and share dilemmas and decisions he made during crucial stages along the way.