- "Menkin's heart is so wide, there is room for everyone" - Avner Shavit, Walla
    - "Touching Film" – Sarasota Jewish Film Festival
  • AMOS
    Coming Soon!
    AMOS is a documentary film which confronts man's complex relationship with the mysteries
    of the wild and brings it into a startling new focus. It follows an adventure which reveals an intimate
    and painful story of one man and his pursuit for personal redemption.
    - "Extraordinary connection between man and animal" - The New York Times
    - "Subtle and Brilliant" - Zoe Williams, The Guardian, UK
    - "Fascinating Documentary" - Jordana Devon, Yahoo
    Remake write acquired by Disney Pictures
    - "Bracingly honest, yet poetic" - The New York Times


* JBS - Interview with Dani Menkin

Enjoy this beautiful interview with Director Dani Menkin and Judy Gelman Myers, where he discusses his two films, Is That You? and On The Map. During this rich conversation, Dani tells Jane how he wrote Is That You and why the public identifies themselves with the story, how he broke into the American market with his films, the behind the scenes of his uplifting documentary about the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team, and much more!

* Is That You?

Good news! Now you can watch IS THAT YOU?

- In the US.
- In the UK.
- In Japan.
- In Germany.

Reviews are always welcome! And these are some of the great reviews we got:

- "A lovely little movie" - The New York Times.
- "Delightful... Laugh-out-loud funny" - Film Journal.
- "A subtle masterpiece filled with emotion, humor, and regrets" - Santa Monica Daily Post.
- "Charming, and well-trod storyline" - The Jewish Journal.
- "Sweet and optimistic road trip film". - POP Entertainment.
- "Will smack you on the head." - Grandmagazine.
- "... One of the best pictures that I have seen in a long, long time...." - Theater Byte.

For booking screening and Dani Menkin speaking engagements,
please send your email to july@heyjudeproductions.com

* On The Map

We are excited to announce that ON THE MAP is coming to many cities in North America.

* Ann Arbor Jewish Film Festival
* Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema - With Dani Menkin and Tal Brody
* Cleveland Jewish Film Festival
* Columbus Jewish Film Festival - With Dani Menkin and Tal Brody
* Dallas Jewish Film Festival - With Dani Menkin
* Los Angeles - Stay tuned for Fall 2016 /TBA with production team
* Manhattan JCC
* Nashville Jewish Film Festival
* New York City - Stay tuned for Fall 2016 /TBA with production team
* Syracuse International Film Festival - With Dani Menkin
* Twin Cities Jewish Film Festival - With Dani Menkin

For screenings and theaters check
ON THE MAP Official Site

Check some of the latest reviews we got:



Hey Jude Productions is an independent production company based in Israel and Los Angeles. We focus on independent films, strong-character-focused documentaries and narrative films.

The company was founded by Dani Menkin in 2005 while producing HBO/CINEMAX award winning documentary "39 pounds of love", which was shortlisted for the American Oscars.

Yonatan Nir joined Hey Jude Productions in 2008, to produce "Dolphin Boy" (ARTE/Channel 4). This first movie that Menkin and Nir performed together was broadcasted in over 20 countries, won many awards, and was later acquired by Disney Pictures.

Since Dolphin Boy, Menkin and Nir have produced and directed several fiction and documentary films, among them "Je t'aime, I love you terminal", "Cutting the Pain", "Beyond the Boundaries", "Is That You?", "On The Map".

We are proud of what we have reached so far! HJP movies have been screened in cinemas and film festivals worldwide, broadcasted internationally, and acquired several international mentions and awards. And the hard work, beautiful stories, challenging projects and dreams continue... ᐧ

The Directors

Dani Menkin

Creative Director

Dani Menkin is an Israeli Academy Award Winning filmmaker for 39 POUNDS OF LOVE. The film, written, produced and directed by him has been sold to HBO and was short listed for the Oscars.

His award winning film, DOLPHIN BOY was sold to over 20 countries around the globe and was recently bought by DISNEY for adaptation. Dani wrote, produced and directed the award winning film JE T'AIME I LOVE YOU TERMINAL, planned to go on theatrical distribution in U.S., and is also a creator partner for the Israeli cult indie film WISDOM OF THE PRETZEL.

Dani Menkin is a speaker and film juror at International Festivals around the world
as well as a film professor in universities and colleges in Israel and U.S.


Yonatan Nir

Producer Director

Award winning documentary filmmaker Yonatan Nir started his storytelling career as a photojournalist. His photo essays, from countries such as Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Egypt, India, and South Africa, have been featured extensively in Israeli and international newspapers and magazines. They have received numerous international awards and nominations, including the prestigious Asian Geographic ‘Best of the Decade’ Award for photojournalism. His experience in photojournalism has helped influence and enhance his unique style for capturing and portraying poignant stories from across the world.

Yonathan’s film Dolphin Boy, has been broadcasted in more than twenty different countries and received several awards and mentions. Yonatan is a lecturer in several universities and colleges in Israel, and has served as a juror in various international film festivals.


Great stories are what we create,
what we are looking for, what we love.


"Dani Menkin's appearance added a touch of class to our festival's closing day. Is That You? was so well received and the audience was engaged in an entertaining Q&A after the film. In fact, Dani was still answering questions from our fans a half hour after the Q&A! We're so glad we chose the film and Dani Menkin for our 2015 festival. It helped us go out with a bang!" - Charlotte Jewish Film Festival

Charlotte JFF said it best- Menkin’s speaking sessions are always inspiring and entertaining discussions with the audience. Menkin, an experienced speaker that has appeared at more than 30 international film festivals, touches the “serious” and sensitive issues of life in a fun and lighthearted manner. While each audience has its unique characteristics and interests, Menkin directs the discussion in a way that best fits all. Mature audiences can discuss regrets and “the read not taken”, film students can discuss the ethical dilemmas of a documentary and film lovers of all ages can discuss film’s role as a therapeutic tool. Menkin is also an experienced producer, film juror and film professor in universities in Israel and USA.


  • "The film’s message of defining life’s one big regret smacks you on the side of the head with after effects lingering long after the film ends." - Pat Burns, Grandmagazine
  • "...but then the kicker: The filmmaker, Dani Menkin, was there after the film to answer questions. Charming and forthcoming, he took questions from the audience..." - Jessica Lipnack, Endless Knots
  • "...Menkin's heart is so wide, there is room for everyone." - Avner Shavit, walla.co.il
  • "A rare non-political Israeli film that thoughtfully examines the issue of "the road not taken." Alon Aboutboul comes to life as a former projectionist who goes from passively watching films to actively participating in film-making and in the process opens up to life." - Palm Beach Israeli Film Series
  • "This touching film starts with an individual quest to recapture what was lost—but becomes a wider commentary on the "what ifs" of life, with vignettes that are poignant and funny in equal measure." - Sarasota Jewish Film Festival
  • "Dani Menkin's appearance at the Charlotte Jewish Film Festival added a touch of class to our festival's closing day. Is That You? was so well received and the audience was engaged in an entertaining Q&A after the film. In fact, Dani was still answering questions from our fans a half hour after the Q&A! We're so glad we chose the film and Dani Menkin for our 2015 festival. It helped us go out with a bang!" - Charlotte Jewish Film Festival


39 Pounds Of Love
Je t'aime - I love you terminal
Dolphin Boy



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